HALA Members

Feedback on HALA

Chris Miller, Head of Development and Sales at Optivo Housing

“After more than 4 years HALA has now established itself as a transformative initiative that just keeps on giving. We are consistently able to access solicitors’ services well below the market rate and the panel is structured to ensure members access firms who have a comprehensive knowledge of, and commitment to, the social housing sector thus making the whole process more efficient from the outset. The management of the panel by Kennedy Cater is critical to its continued success as they are there to oversee the process and ensure that we receive the services and benefits that are relevant to our on-going needs. We are delighted to be a part of this remarkable group.”

Chris Starke, Finance Director at Phoenix Community Housing

“The need for cost effectiveness and VFM across our business has only increased in the years since this initiative was first established. HALA  can play a significant part in helping Phoenix and others achieve these objectives.”

Richard Reger, Company Secretary for Network Housing Group

“HALA was established to help us reduce our legal and training budgets by a level that would make a real difference to our bottom line. Several years in I can honestly say that it has more than fulfilled its promise.”

Heather Cooper, Head of Procurement at Newlon Housing Trust

“With the new EU Procurement Directive 2014/24EU likely to be transposed into UK law in 2015, we were keen to ensure that our procurement of legal services would be fully compliant with the new Regulations. We were pleased  to be able to join HALA and play a small part in re-procuring the solicitors framework, safe in the knowledge that this would provide a cost effective and compliant route to legal services in the years to come.”

Feedback on HALA Training

Attendee from Optivo Housing

“What’s so good about the HALA training sessions is that we tell the firms what our training needs are and they deliver. The sessions, therefore, are relevant and valuable to our business.”

Attendee from Hexagon

“The HALA training is of a high quality and the sessions have been a great way to meet colleagues and share ideas.”

Attendee from Merlin

“The training run by Lewis Silkin was informative and has helped me to progress possession claims. The hand-out was comprehensive and useful to refer back to. I’d recommend this session to others who deal with rent possession claims.”