HALA Members

Feedback on HALA


Kerry Heath, Development & Sales Director at Hexagon Housing Association

HALA’s imaginative and robust procurement practices and Value Added Benefits have led the way in securing efficiencies for its members since 2010.  The panel firms are some the finest in the social housing sector and deliver a first class service at rates that are simply not available outside the framework. As a group we are proud of our track record and committed to HALA’s continuing growth.’

Chris Starke, Finance Director at Phoenix Community Housing

“The need for cost effectiveness and VFM across our business has only increased in the years since this initiative was first established. HALA  can play a significant part in helping Phoenix and others achieve these objectives.”

Nadja Rajgelj, Head of Procurement at Newlon Housing Trust

“We are delighted to be a member of this progressive group of Housing Associations which is committed to delivering significant savings on our legal fees, and which it achieves year after year.”

Feedback on HALA Training

Attendee from Hexagon

“The HALA training is of a high quality and the sessions have been a great way to meet colleagues and share ideas.”

Majella Mair, Learning & Development Business Partner, Wandle Housing Association Ltd

“Sessions are relevant and informative, applying transferable learning supported by practical cases, delivered by competent facilitators.”